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Character Questionnaire:

1.      Name: Lyla Manip (or The Hornet)

2.     Age: 13

3.     Height: 5’4”

4.     Eye color: Hazel

5.     Physical appearance: Sleek, straight brown hair; skinny; pale, smooth skin

6.    Unique physical attributes: None.

7.     Hobbies/interests: Spends free time thinking of ways to bully people and gossiping.

8.     Where does he or she live? What is it like there? Small suburb town on the east coast where everyone knows everyone else. Lives on the “rich side of town”.

9.     Special skills/abilities: Has the ability to say things that sting like a bee sting (which is why she is known as The Hornet). Also very good at gossiping.

10. Family (describe):

Mother: Average sized woman, who refuses to see any wrong in her daughter, spoils Lyla, her only daughter, to no end.

Father: Tall, skinny man whose looks where inherited by Lyla. Also spoils Lyla, but does see some wrong in her.

11.   Description of his or her house: Huge white mansion that resembles the White House. Each floor serves another purpose, such as the maids’ living quarters, Lyla’s living quarters, Mr. and Mrs. Manip’s living quarters etc. The grounds include an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis quarts, basketball quarts, and a garden with a waterfall and lake. The sitting room has luxurious drapes that cover the French style windows, and two French doors that lead out onto the deck. There is an Oriental rug on the floor, and there are three sofas with luxurious textures and pillows, obviously designed especially for the Manip’s. The rest of the house is of the same style.

12.  Description of his or her bedroom: The room opens on an area with comfortable wooden chairs with light pink silk pillows. There is a large alcove where the bed, desk, and dresser sit. The walls are light pink with white trim; there are large French windows that have light pink silk curtains that sweep across them behind the bed. The bed is white wood with light pink sheets and a pink canopy. There are two white wooden table lamps on the bedside tables, one on each side. The floor is light pink carpet, and there is a white wooden dresser. There is also a floor lamp matching those on the bedside table. A door on the wall farthest from the bed opens up onto a luxurious bathroom, including a marble claw footed bathtub and large stone sink. The walls are covered in souvenirs from all over the world and a few pictures. One is of Hannah Haught.  

13.  Favorite bands/songs/type of music: Any music that is popular at the time.

14. Favorite movies: Anything that just came out or is popular.

15.  Favorite TV shows: Anything that all the popular kids in older grades than her are watching.

16. Favorite books: None.

17.  Favorite foods: Sushi and anything else of Asian cuisine.

18. Favorite sports/sports teams: Tennis and soccer.

19. Political views: None.

20. Any interesting philosophies on life? No.

21.  Religion: Not important in story.

22. Physical health: Lactose intolerant.

23. Pet peeves: People befriending girls that she bullies.

24.Favorite clothing style/outfit: Fashionable clothes, on a normal Sunday she is wearing a sequined top and jeans with high tops.