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Character Questionnaire:

1.      Name: Ana Confidnote

2.     Age: 13

3.     Height: 5’2”

4.     Eye color: Green

5.     Physical appearance: Skinny, wavy brown hair, freckles

6.    Unique physical attributes: Small fingernails, birthmark on her neck.

7.     Hobbies/interests: Making collages of important events (world, personal, communal etc.), drawing pictures of people she knows in the way she sees them

8.     Where does he or she live? What is it like there? Small suburb town on the east coast where everyone knows everyone else.

9.     Special skills/abilities: Able to draw very realistic drawings of almost anything.

10. Family (describe):

Mother: Nice, bubbly woman who is very strict in how her children act to others. Ana looks like her, except her eyes are from her father.

Father: Green eyes, quiet man who only speaks when spoken to.

Brother (Alex): Looks like his father with his blonde hair, but has his mother’s brown eyes. Very popular and on the local Little League team.

11.   Description of his or her house: Apartment with three bedrooms; living room has a mural painted by Ana of the family. Dining room table is second hand, as are most of the appliances in the kitchen.

12.  Description of his or her room: Mural on all four walls and ceiling of a forest, so that when you walk in, you feel as though you are in one. The bed has a wooden frame, and the bedclothes are green. The floor is painted like the floor of a forest, and on the bedside table there is a picture that was drawn by Ana of her cousin (and best friend) who lives three hours away. The desk in the corner of the room is wooden, and has neatly arranged art supplies on it. If you look on the easel, you can see an unfinished self portrait, and on the desk lays a sketch of a teacher that had obviously offended Ana, for the picture does not compliment the teacher. The closet door is also part of the mural, so you need to look hard to find it. The ceiling looks like the forest ceiling, the canopy of trees. A CD player is on the desk, and when it is playing, you can hear the sounds of a forest.

13.  Favorite bands/songs/type of music: Music from the late 1900’s

14. Favorite movies: Historical movies that show what happen, but aren’t just narrative.

15.  Favorite TV shows: None.

16. Favorite books: Historical fiction books about the 1900’s, books on art

17.  Favorite foods: Foreign foods

18. Favorite sports/sport teams: Soccer, one of the star players on the school soccer team.

19. Political views: None.

20.Any interesting philosophies on life? You need friends to make life worth living for.

21.  Religion: Not important.

22. Physical health: Asthma, but perfectly healthy aside from that.

23. Pet peeves: When people invade her privacy

24.Favorite clothing style/outfit: Plain t-shirt and jeans, but cool Converse sneakers.

25. Special gestures/movements: Blinks a lot when under pressure.

26.                        Things about his/her appearance he/she would like to change: Her small fingernails.

27. Speaking style: Soft and fast.

28.Fondest memory: When she painted her room with her cousin.

29.Insecurities: Doesn’t know where she belongs, has a hard time making friends and speaking in public.

30.Quirks: Draws every event that comes to mind, buttons sweaters backwards.

31.  Temperament: Easygoing.

32. Negative traits: Shy, afraid to ask questions in case it makes her sound stupid.

33. Things that upset him or her: Having trouble doing schoolwork, being admonished for anything by an adult.

34.Things that embarrass him or her: Being blamed for other peoples actions; someone telling her that her drawing isn’t good.

35. This character really cares about: Being included and well-liked.

36.                        Things that make him or her happy: Doing well on a test, winning an award in an art show.

37. Deepest, darkest secret: That she once took part in bullying a girl, Lyla and Hannah made her say some mean things to a girl in the grade below them when they were in fourth grade.

38.Reason he or she kept this secret for so long: She doesn’t want anyone to find out she did this, she is normally very nice.

39.Other people’s opinions of this character: She is an artistic girl, and is very nice, but she hangs out with the wrong type of girls.

40.                        Dream vacation: Going to the Russian village where her grandmother was born and exploring her heritage with her cousin.

41. Any pets? No.

42.Best thing that ever happened to this character: Going on a family vacation (with her extended family also) to France and England.

43.Worst thing that ever happened to this character: Failing a test that she had studied really hard for and not making it to the finals for a national art contest as a result.

44.                        Superstitions: None.

45.Three words to describe this character: Artistic, latent kindness.

46.                       If a song played every time this character walked into a room, what song would it be? Any song from the late 1900’s.