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Character Questionnaire:

1.      Name: Ella Beni

2.     Age: 12

3.     Height: 5’0”

4.     Eye color: gray

5.     Physical appearance: Curly red hair, glasses

6.    Unique physical attributes: Ears stick out

7.     Hobbies/interests: Likes reading and writing

8.     Where does he or she live? What is it like there? Small suburb town on the east coast where everyone knows everyone else.

9.     Special skills/abilities: Able to solve math problems in an instant, reads very quickly, has a photographic memory.

10. Family (describe):

Mother: Tall woman who likes having control over everything and shows off her younger children hoping to get them into Hollywood one day. Doesn’t care about her two oldest children: Ella and Michael

Father: Doesn’t have a say in anything that goes on in the house; works in New York all week and comes home on weekends.

Brother (Michael): Scrawny short boy, very close with Ella although they are a year apart since they both are not loved by their mother. Doesn’t have many friends, but is on the local Little League team.

Little siblings (two sisters and one brother): Cute, but are mean to Ella and Michael because of their mother’s attitude.

11.   Description of his or her house: Small three stories split level house with five bedrooms. Michael and Ella share a room, two little sisters share a room, little brother has his own room, and parents get a room. Remaining bedroom is for guests. The living room has two black leather couches and three black bookshelves that line the room. The walls are a plain white. There is a picture of the three little kids and the parents on the wall. From looking around, there is no sign that Ella and Michael live here. Their room is a small room on the third floor that cannot be seen unless you walk all the way down to the end of the hall and into the bathroom. The kitchen has a small table that seats five, but the dining room table can seat eight.

12.  Description of his or her bedroom: Small room that can only be seen by going into the bathroom at the end of the hall on the third floor. The room is split, half for Michael and half for Ella. The walls on one side are painted dark blue with pictures of different sports teams, while the other side is a green with a poster of the Yankees and tests hung up on the wall. All of the tests have an A+. The beds are small wooden framed, with white sheets and pillow cases, and a thin black blanket. There is a desk (obviously second hand) and is also split in half, half messy with school supplies, and half neat with textbooks in a neat pile and writing materials. There is also a laptop that is shared by the two, and the closet is split between Ella’s clothes and Michael’s clothes. The bookshelf in the corner of the room has four shelves, and they both get two shelves each. Two of the shelves have books sparsely spaced, and the other two are tightly packed with books. The floor has two rugs on it, one green and one blue.

13.  Favorite bands/songs/type of music: Classical music, not allowed to listen to anything else.

14. Favorite movies: None.

15.  Favorite TV shows: None.

16. Favorite books: Mystery books or books on how to write better.

17.  Favorite foods: Pizza and ice cream.

18. Favorite sports/sport teams: Likes basketball, but not very good at it. Big fan of the Yankees, her father brings home articles and artifacts for her.

19. Political views: None.

20.Any interesting philosophies on life? No.

21.  Religion: Not important in story.

22. Physical health: Perfect.

23. Pet peeves: When people randomly start singing.

24.Favorite clothing style/outfit: T-shirt, jeans, and boring sneakers.

25. Special gestures/movements: Keeps her eyes on the ground.

26.                        Things about her appearance his/her appearance he/she would most like to change: Her ears from sticking out.

27. Speaking style: Mumbles.

28.Fondest memory: Having a friend named Megan in her old town, since she doesn’t have any friends anymore.

29.Insecurities: Has no friends, afraid to make a mistake in public since she skipped a grade and is bullied by the Locker Gang.

30.Quirks: Reads most books upside down.

31.  Temperament: Gets embarrassed really easily.

32.  Negative traits: Says mean things to people when upset, sometimes get physical when angry.

33. Things that upset him or her: being bullied and mistreated by her mother.

34.Things that embarrass him or her: Her limited wardrobe and wild curls.

35. This character really cares about: Michael and doing well in school.

36.                        Things that make him or her happy: Getting good grades, being able to finish writing a story that has quality, and not getting bullied for an entire class (really rare).

37. Deepest, darkest secret: The fact that she and Michael are planning a fail-proof way to run away from home.

38.Reason he or she kept this secret for so long: Wants it to work, doesn’t want anyone to blab it, plus she doesn’t have anyone to tell.

39.Other people’s opinions of this character: Some people like the way she knows everything, but the Locker Gang hates everything about her, from her limited wardrobe and sticking out ears to her smartness.

40.                        Dream vacation: Going away alone with Michael to Paris, France.

41. Any pets? No.

42.Best thing that ever happened to this character: Skipping a grade.

43.Worst thing that ever happened to this character: Moving away from her old town where she had one friend.

44.                        Superstitions: None.

45.Three words to describe this character: Smart, lonely, kind.

46.                       If a song played every time this character walked into a room, what song would it be? Fur Elise.